Hobipalooza Concert Freebies

Hobipalooza Concert Freebies

Hobi's first solo concert 🃏 and it is free on Weverse!

We are so lucky 😭 I can't wait to see what Hobi has in store for us.

Jack in the box🤝 Hope World

Oh my my my 🤩


It has been a while but I am back with concert freebies!

This time it is a concert banner in Jack in the Box style, an entry wristband, inspired by the real Lollapalooza wristband design and the best of all: a Jester Hat for your Army Bomb!

Download the files here

Please tag me on social media (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok) if you choose to post them! Can't wait to see everyones Hobipalooza Kit!

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Thank you so much for the cool freebie! Happy HOBI DAY! Can’t wait to see him rock that stage!!

Tammy G

thank you 💜💜


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