Jin - The Astronaut - Crossword Puzzle

Jin - The Astronaut - Crossword Puzzle

Jins single "The Astronaut" is out and I think it is safe to say that it's a tear-jerker.

The visuals, the story, the voices, the meaning behind the MV 😭

When I saw the crossword puzzle in the MV I knew I needed to make it real for us ARMYs to fill it out, especially with the hidden Braille meaning behind it 😭

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Such a lovely idea! Thank you so much 🥰

I’ve got tears in my eyes this morning when I watched the video. My heart went heavy and it was hard to breathe. But on the other hand it’s absolutely lovely and I’m so thankful for him that he created this song!

With your idea you brings it even closer. Thank you my dear ❤️💜


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