Red Envelope for Lunar New Year

Red Envelope for Lunar New Year

This is a digital file for print at home and DIY Red Envelope for Lunar New Year 

Final Size of the envelope:
8,5 x 17 cm | 3.35 x 6.69 in

Fit Euro, Dollar Bills, Pound etc.
Please check the sizes of other currencies, the size of the envelope is very generous, it should fit lots of currencies

What you'll need to successfully finish your own red envelope:
-) Printer to print out the downloaded files
-) Scissors to cutout the file
-) Glue or double sided tape
-) Money to fill the red envelope!

Perfect gift for your Army Friends if you want to gift them money for kpop merch (and to be honest there can never be enough kpop merch)

Download here

Happy Lunar New Year!

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