Whalien 52 Cookie Cutter
Whalien 52 Cookie Cutter
Whalien 52 Cookie Cutter
Whalien 52 Cookie Cutter

Whalien 52 Cookie Cutter

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3D printed BTS-themed Cookie Cutters 🍪 

Just in time for the Pre-Christmas Season: 3D printed, colour-changing BTS Cookie Cutters! 🎄✨  

These cookie cutters are made out of PLA, which is a food safe plastic made from sustainable resources such as fermented plant starch. 

They are suitable for cookie dough, fondant, clay, cheese and anything of similar substance! 

As with usual cookie cutters, remember to coat the cutter with flour/icing sugar before cutting to prevent the dough from sticking to the cutter! 

The cutters also change colour depending on the temperature, going from purple to blue, to pink.  

Since these are 3D printed, there might be slight imperfections. 

This cookie cutter contains 1x single part cookie cutter.  

SIZE: approx. 7,5 cm x 5 cm x 2,2 cm

NOTE: As these cookie cutters are made of plastic, they are NOT suitable for dishwashers! The plastic will soften so please wash these by hand with lukewarm soapy water and avoid direct sunlight for prolonged times.  

Minor design changes can occur to improve the product.